Hello! My name is Andrew Berls & I build things for the web.


I'm a current partner at Sutro Research, where we work with teams to build great products.


I design and develop full-stack web applications using Ruby, Rails, and JavaScript.

I love everything from sketching mockups and building features to tinkering with servers and scaling servers up and out.

Here are some things I've hacked on recently:



Payback is the easy way to track expenses with your friends and roommates. You don't have to worry about who owes you money, when you lent it, and who's already paid you back. Just let Payback know and it will remember all the details for you! The site is integrated with Square Cash for easy payments, and designed to look great on phones for when you're on the go.



Notes is a tool for tracking source code annotations such as TODO or FIXME. A command-line interface searches through files in a directory and prints annotations, and a mountable web interface provides visualization and filtering tools.



Geocodr uses the GitHub API to find and display developers and projects near you, and was built at the Facebook NorCal Regional Hackathon. A Scala backend serves data to a JS frontend running d3.js, to create visualizations of activity going on around you. Our team received an honorable mention at the event for the project.



SexInfoOnline is a website run in conjunction with the sociology department at UCSB, and provides comprehensive sex education and information about human sexuality to visitors from all over the world. A team of writers creates content and answers questions from a global audience, and as lead developer I run things behind the scenes. You can read more in the site in the Los Angeles Times.

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Latest blog post: Rails from Request to Response: Part 3 - ActionController

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